Tea. Nectar of the Gods, British symbol and the antidote to everything. From British builders tea to Chai. From Tetley’s to Tregothnan. We, as the great British public love the stuff and drink 60.2 billion cups of the stuff a year. That’s 165,000,000 a day. Bliss.

Tea is the beginning of discussions, the end of tears and the middle of solving all the world’s problems. It soothes and it calms, it energises and relaxes. It’s the first part of the day and the last thing at night before slipping into a heavenly doze. It’s that warming break on long winter hikes when nothing but a steaming cuppa will warm your hands and it’s sheltering under rocks in mizzly weather laughing with your friends and wondering why you bothered stepping out of the house that day.

As an ode to my favourite beverage (apart from y’know, rum and cider…) here is a sweet little infographic by the lovely and talented Amelia Berkeley on how to make the perfect brew.

How to make the perfect cup of tea, by Amelia Berkeley