OK so I’m a bit late to the bandwagon for New Year’s Resolutions, I mean, we’re a week into January and I still haven’t got any further than just thinking about it, but I guess I better put pen to paper and tell myself exactly what it is I’m going to quit or do or whatever in the next twelve months. However, I’ve been over this before, that some NYRs aren’t worth making – no, I’m not going to stop drinking, I enjoy cider and rum getting on that goddamn jager train far too much, saying I’ll do this just sets me up for one almighty fall and then I may as well head into the dark-pit of gin tears, ammiright?

Resolutions are for self-betterment, whether that’s training for a marathon or simply aiming to drink more water every day. They are not for depriving yourself of the things you love. So here goes, my three NYRs I am going to try to keep to this year.

1. Be more organised

I’m scatty at best and right now I’m so disorganised I don’t even really know what day it is. I have packing to do and things to sort out and buy and I have less than a week to do this in. My ability to meet deadlines that aren’t deadlines (y’know those, “oh, don’t worry about when you send it over”) is phenomenally tragic and even knowing where I keep my counter-part driving license is a challenge at best. In 2015, this must be rectified!

Google calendar and a filing system (euuuurgh, grown up stuff) and a diary I keep in my bag with a pen attached are new and mandatory things I need to keep up to date with in order for me to lead a much less chaotic life.

2. Stay in contact with old friends more

I have some good friends that live literally five minutes around the corner from my parent’s house. We have no excuse not to see each other when we are all in the same place, we have a fab time when we do hook up and yet we only ever seem to meet up during Christmas or at weddings! The only reason I know that they are alive and well is because Facebook exists and well, that’s a pretty poor way to keep up to date with people you call your friends. 2015 I would love for these people to be back in my life more, there’s a reason I love them after all!

3. Kick ass

I’m determined for 2015 to be the year it all falls together – the travel writing and work and social life in one wonderful work-life-living-the-dream combo we all strive for. It. Will. Happen. So long as I stick to NYR number one. This comes from jacking in that office job and realising just how happy I was not spending five days a week slaving behind a computer, knowing that this currently isn’t me full time, I can find the right path. In theory.

Oh and, number three from last year still applies.


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    January 7, 2015

    You can do it! I feel really good about 2015. I’m hoping for some big breaks in writing too. Here’s hopin’ for the both of us, lady!

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      January 7, 2015

      Repeat after me: Yes we can!!