Now, I’m no newbie to a festival, this year I’ve been to so many I almost threw my toys out the pram about heading to another one this weekend (only to be coaxed into a tent in Devon by the lure of rum and the Dropkick Murphy’s) but Boardmasters Festival will always have a piece of my heart. It will always beg me to come and party on the cliffs of Watergate Bay and with sand between my toes at Fistral, to find myself in some random bus with Magic Seaweed watching a session being filmed at 1am on a Thursday.


Boardmasters is one of those festivals that’s got it all. It’s got the surf and sun and the rain and the mean security with no sense of humour. It’s got great food and secret bars that can only be found through portaloo doors and a goddamn bus selling Crabbies with an unrivalled view of the main stage.


But they’re not the only reasons to love Boardmasters, and not the only reasons why you should book yourself some early-bird tickets for 2016. Check it.

1. The Keg and Pasty

The Keg and Pasty, Watergate Bay’s very own pop up bar near the Maverick’s stage, is where the local talent rocks the socks off the pub and you can buy both pasties and pints of Rattler and Stoggs like they’re going out of fashion (they probably are). The sofas are perfect for sinking into when Kernow King is insisting on ripping it out of the crowd and it’s great shelter from the inevitable Cornish rain.

2. Three’s Secret Bar

Who doesn’t love a secret bar? Behind a purple portaloo door was a mystery bar that only those with three Three stamps could enter. BM may not be Glasto and climbing through the door of a toilet may not be like the Shangri La of yesteryear, but we’ll take it and we’ll love it!

3. Campsite silent disco

I don’t think I need to say much more, do I? There is nothing, and I mean nothing, better than the sound of 600 people singing Teenage Dirtbag and Goldigga, badly, simultaneously.

4. Sunset Sons

I stumbled across these guys at Glastonbury whilst bimbling around by Theatre and Circus. They were ace. And they didn’t disappoint at Boardmasters either. Due to Arrested Development having to pull out, SS got bumped up in the lineup to a whole-heartedly worthy spot on the main stage. Not heard of them? Do.

5. Food, food, food

Get in my belly. Long gone are the days where festival food is overpriced and overly-hideous for your insides. You can get it all – from curry to toasties to BBQ chicken wraps to liquorice. Fancy a Dominos? Got it. Done and done.

See you next year, yeah?

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