OK, so we all know about The North Face and Rab, probably Patagonia and maybe even Ice Breaker, but there are tons of outdoor kit companies out there who are making waves in both sustainability and incredible clothing. Here are The Rut’s top five picks from around the globe.


Kilimanjaro_backpack_cotopaxi_travel_blog          aguateca-orange_cotopaxi_travel_blog

“We create innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty alleviation, move people to do good, and inspire adventure.”

An outdoor kit company who’s aim is to create a wholly good and wonderful world, Cotopaxi might just be my new favourite brand out there. At the base of their business, Cotopaxi funds solutions that address problems of people in extreme poverty. Their clothes, bags and accessories are also to die for. Filled with colour, unrivalled style and quite obviously made with the same love the creators have for this world. To read more about their sustainability projects, click here. To buy cool shit, click here.



Based in Portland, Poler are one of the only companies out there who have perfected the mix of active adventurer and city dweller. They are a company who aim to give customers something to wear on their way to work in the rain as well as climbing mountains at the weekend – they’re realists who know that we can’t all be professional adventurers, however much we’d like to be. From lumberjack shirts to thick knit sweats made for autumn nights around campfires and some serious outerwear for serious hiking, they’ve got it all. Their site also has an awesome blog to inspire you to get up and get out of your house. Check it out here.  Oh, and if anyone wants to buy me the Roamer’s Pack pictured above, that would be ace. Thanks.


fjallraven_ovik_knit_travel_blog_the_enjoyable_rut                                    kiruna_jacket_fjallraven_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog

I can’t for the life of me work out how Fjallraven has only now made it’s way onto my radar; it’s gorgeous. And apparently been around since 1960. Retro and totally Scandi, Fjallraven is made for jumping head first into extreme cold without even a flinch. Made with northern traditions at mind, get yourself a wooly jumper and head out into the snow for some ice fishing. Fjallraven ain’t about the style, they’re about survival.


wynja_hoodie_klattermusen_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog             liv_sweater_klattermusen_travel_blog_the_enjoyable_rut

We live in a world where the effects of humanity are evident from Everest’s peak to the South Pole. We are committed to the health of our planet and have pioneered the use of recycled, recyclable and organic fabrics in the industry.”

Probably the most humble of outdoor kit co.’s out there, Klattermusen was built out of a deep passion for the outdoors – it never meant to become a brand, it was created to function and to serve. These guys based out of Are in northern Sweden are quietly taking over the climbing and hiking community, one sustainable pioneering solution after another. Read about how they minimise their impact on our world here. Buy great gear here.


sastruga_jacket_finisterre_the_enjoyable_rut_cornwall_travel_blog   bowmont_jumper_the_enjoyable_rut_cornwall_travel_blog

It’s impossible for me to write a list about outdoor kit without bringing Finisterre into it. I just love them, and won’t embark on any outdoor adventure without being covered in the stuff. Finisterre clothing is durable and warm, whether up a mountain or on the beach post-surf. Finisterre’s clothes are woven with a deep connection with the sea and stitched at the edges by Cornish pride. They’re a no-frills, here for purpose only brand that are taking on the world one merino layer at a time. Geddon.