Autumn is here, which means that it’s time to bust out the wooly hats and gloves, put thick socks on your toes and be ready to head home for a night in front of the fire by 6pm. But just because the clocks go backwards, it doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Here are 5 adventures to feed your restless soul this autumn.

Make cider

The time is nigh to get out into the orchard and get apple pressing. Round up the troops, head to an orchard or find some unattended apple trees in your local area and get brewing. You’ll need about 20lbs of apples for every 4.5 litres of cider you make. A guide to cider making can be found here.

Go foraging

There’s no need to goย to the supermarket this autumn, instead, arm yourself with a few plastic bags and head out onto the moors, fields, coasts, in other people’s hedges and stockpile for winter. This time of year is ideal for sloes, mushrooms, rose hips, wild garlic, acorns, sweet chestnuts, hops, elderberries and blackberries. All great for brewing and adding something extra to your winter cooking.

Gather round a fire pit

Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean you can’t sit outside and roast some marshmallows over a burning fire. Mull some wine, put on an extra layer and make the most of the crisp autumn nights.

Wild swimming

You’ll be much braver than me if you venture into open water at this time of year – but it’s also the best time to find an isolated spot on a river or a quiet beach. It may be cold, but skinny dipping doesn’t get any better.


Before the rain sets in for winter, make the most of the coast paths and moors – it won’t be long before we’re forced to spend our weekends cuddled up on sofas reading and eating roasts at weekends (not that we mind that either…).

What are you up to this autumn?