All in the words of the lovely and talented Mary Spender, who attended the first ever Women’s Adventure Expo on behalf of The Enjoyable Rut.


I was lucky enough to experience the first ever Women’s Adventure Expo in November at the MShed in Bristol.

It was a fantastic event, with truly inspirational women and was efficiently organised. I can’t do any more than recommend that you have to attend the next event later this year. Watch my vlog here.

Be warned, this event will make you want to climb Everest.

  1. Say it out loud. Commit to the adventure you want to take. Find people that will listen to your idea and help you make it happen. Now if they don’t listen, do it anyway.
  1. Just keep going. Hearing Felicity Aston speak about being the first woman to ski solo across Antarctica was powerful enough, but hearing about her struggles in motivation really hit home. Felicity repeated six words to herself every morning, ‘Just keep getting out of the tent’.
  1. Admit your fears. Arrogance can be dangerous. Saying your fears out loud can lift a weight off your shoulders. Whether you’re admitting it to yourself, or somebody else.
  1. Failure is a positive thing. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t complete your challenge. Remember the journey, and learn from it to improve yourself, so that you’ll finish the next one.
  1. Ask for help. If you find someone that could possibly help with your goals, then why not ask them? If you’re honest about what you need, they will try their best. Whether that’s a friend or a big company to sponsor your trip. Just be open.
  1. Start small. Don’t feel like you have to start training immediately for Everest. Why not go to the Brecon Beacons for a weekend with friends and camp out? Keep yourself comfortable with the right kit for those cold nights. Preparing your trip properly, will make life easier and your adventure way more enjoyable.
  1. You will manage. Whatever idea you have, however far you have to travel to achieve your goal, you will find a way to manage.

My final three, are from the gospel of Squash Falconer, who I was privileged to sit down with and interview.


  1. Motives matter, money doesn’t matter and everything is possible’.
  1. Sometimes it’s good to not listen to other people, if they’re just going to bring you down’.
  1. There’s no secret, you just have to get on with it’.

Need I say more? Wise words from wonderful women.

For more information on the speakers visit the WAExpo website.