Yup, Christmas may have just been and gone but Valentine’s Day is under a month away. If your gal is anything like me, the whole thing makes her want to vom, (but she’s also not one to shy away from a little bit of extra lovin’!)

She’ll also love to unwrap these 9 rad gifts and experiences on Feb 14th. hint.

1.  valentines_adventurous_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog

This arctic mountain necklace from etsy.

2. valentines_adventurous_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog

This Lifts and Bounds piece of artwork.

3.  valentines_adventurous_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog

This Poler X Pendleton Classic Rolltop Bag.

4.  valentines_adventurous_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog

Tickets to this. Buy them here.

5. valentines_adventurous_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog

Some Ursa Major skincare products.

6. valentines_adventurous_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog

A night in a Gypsy Wagon. Book here.

7. valentines_adventurous_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog

This cute travel journal.

8. valentines_adventurous_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog

An adventure in wild food with Hunter Gather Cook.

9. valentines_adventurous_the_enjoyable_rut_travel_blog

And finally, this handy bicycle wine rack by Oopsmark.