You’re not fooling anyone when you say you’re going to the ‘Dam to bathe in culture and learn about the history – everyone knows that a stroll through the red light district and a coffee shop crawlย are also high on your agenda (pun intended). Of course, there are many other tourists with the same aim, meaning that coffee shops like the Bulldog tend to be overcrowded and full of 18 year old who just can’t handle it.

Luckily, we’ve been there and eaten those brownies: here are five Amsterdam coffee-shops for getting high in peace.

The Dolphins Coffee Shop


This place blew my socks off with their hash brownies. And my friend and I went halfsies. I was so high I laughed for almost four hours without coming up for air. If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is. Think quiet rooms, armchairs big enough to swallow you and PacMan in the corner.

La Tertulia


This gorgeous little coffee shop is probably one of the only ones in AMS that isn’t either stuck in the 90s or striving to throw you into a kitsch, psychedelic hell. Fresh and light, La Tertulia has a refined menu that tell you just what kinda high you’re going to get from each spliff. Who’s in for anย active daze?

Dutch Flowers


Like the above, Dutch Flowers is a rarity in that it feels like a cafe rather than a stoner’s dungeon. It’s also surrounded by all the food you would want to satisfy the munchies to make your teeth happy. Buttery bakery’s and traditional Dutch fries stands are within stumbling distance of the Dutch Flowers’ front door.

The Bushdoctor


This was the first ever Amsterdam coffee shop I ever stumbled into, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 18 years old, only to blink into the snow-clouded afternoon in a haze an hour later. There isn’t much space in here, but there are plenty of socially arranged stools and a wonderful atmosphere of locals milling around, making this small room comfortable and full to the brim with warm energy.



Walking into Barney’s is like walking into an old-school music bar from Back to the Future. Barney’s has two separate areas, so you can lounge in the lounge or simple sit in the coffee shop and watch the world go by. Quiet and relaxed, just what the doctor ordered!