Today I turn 27. Twenty Seven. The realm of the late-twenties. Almost 30. Almost time to be an adult. And if someone had told me ten years ago where I would be now and what I would be doing, I’d probably just have laughed it off with a swig of local cider and a laugh.

If someone had even suggested that I would be a relatively successful human being, making a living out of what I love doing I just wouldn’t have believed them? Me? A writer? HA no.

So, to me 10 years ago, here are seven things you could do with knowing before setting off into the big bad world.

Don’t worry about the future

It kind of works out how you think it’s going to. But that doesn’t mean life is going to be boring. In fact, it’s anything but. You are braver than you think you are, and a bit more reckless too. But that’s all good, it’s this bravery and recklessness that leads you to where you always dreamed of being as a kid.

Your friends are (still) the best

Those people you are surrounded by now? They are still your best friends 10 years later and they are the most wonderful group of pissheads you could ever have stumbled upon (yeah, nothing changes). Your supportive roundtable is beautiful and hilarious. At some point in the next few years you’re going to feel as though you’ve grown too far from them due to literally being pretty far away from them. Don’t worry. Friendship doesn’t count miles.

Money doesn’t matter

Well, it does. But it turns out that you’re happiest when you’re earning almost nothing and making your pennies from doing what you love on your kitchen table. In fact, as soon as you don’t have money you realise that things don’t matter and you become much richer.

Stop being in such a hurry

Life will happen when it happens, don’t force it or wish your time away waiting for better things. Things and people and opportunities come along that you hadn’t even thought of before. Enjoy every single moment for what it is and who it’s with. Some things disappear from your life before you are ready for them to, so breathe it all in with eyes wide open.

Heartbreak gets you pretty bad, but it’s ok

You’re gonna get your heart broken a lot in the next 10 years, kiddo, but it’s all worth it. Remember that the hurt doesn’t last forever and that everything happens for a reason. A wet, stormy night in a field in Ireland is where your prince charming unexpectedly rides in on a litre of gin and a trombone in just over 9 years.

PLEASE look after your body

You won’t believe me, but one day climbing mountains and hiking will be your favourite thing in the whole world. So when, next year, you dislocate your hips in a snowboarding accident, please invest in some serious physio to sort them out. I know you won’t do this because you think you’re invincible, but future you (me) will thank you forever.

Believe in yourself

Stop the doubting. Now. You won’t believe what you’re capable of. You climb Kilimanjaro. You drive around India in a car older than yourself. You go out into Argentine Patagonia and hike for days on end. You walk the Dolomites. Hike the Inca Trail. Climb a live volcano. Become a self-employed travel writer who makes a living out of all of the above. You do all of that – pretty cool, right?


And that’s just the beginning!