It would be easy to walk by Miss Browns whilst wandering the streets of Winnipeg without a second glance. But you would be a fool to miss out. So shake off your coat, grab a seat around the long communal tables (made by Mr Brown himself) and settle yourself in for a feast of explosion, hearty sandwiches and smoked meats.


Miss Browns menu is bursting with brisket and olives and spinach and cheddar. The menu changes daily, although towering sandwiches you can’t fit your mouth around are guaranteed every day. Think pickles and pastrami and poached eggs and bread so delicious you’ll want to take three loaves home with you right there and then.


Now, if you’re a sucker for spicy, soul-warming food like me, then getting to Miss Browns for breakfast needs to become a regular feature in your life. Israeli inspired Shakshouka with a Canadian twist is the main-morning-event down on William Avenue, and it’s so good you’ll wonder how greedy it would be to have three breakfasts, all with the added chorizo, mushrooms and avocado. (It’s not, just eat it all, it’s wonderful).


Finish it all off with the world’s best Earl Grey Tea and a food-induced nap.

Find the menu here, take-out here and check ’em on Facebook here.