Dear Mountains,

You are unpredictable and free, and although I never know when I will see you again, you will forever hold my heart in the clouds of your highest peaks. I am released when I am with you, flying when I am on you, beating with anxious adrenaline when I know I am going to see you next. Nestled between your summits I am breathless, exhausted, exhilarated.

You give and you take. You give me views I could never dream of, achievements I never thought of, challenges I never believed I would overcome until you made me face them. You take from me a little part of my soul every time I am with you, and although each time I see you it is in a different place, a different world, wrapped up in a different weather, you are the same. You have stolen my peace and my calm, my ability to breathe deeply and my perspective of how small a space I take up in this world. But still, I thank you for letting me know that there is a place in this busy life where stillness and serenity can be achieved.

You are worth the pain. Even when you have thrown your worst at me, you are worth it. Even when you hurt me, you are worth it. Even when I have been lost in your thunder, you are worth it. You have thrown lightning and snow and hard times at me, but still you are worth it. You have challenged me far beyond my means, and still you are worth it.

You reset me. When I return from time with you I am balanced, pure, simple. There is no problem too great when I have been with you. There is no stress when I have been with you. There is only energy, love and hope when I have been with you.

Your drama feeds my spirit, your hushed whisper lulls me to slumber. And although you tease me and trick me, making me question my trust in your safety, swaddled in your bastion is my favourite place to dream.