If there’s one thing I love, it’s cheese. Gooey, sticky, smelly cheese that makes you take a step back when you open the fridge. The grosser the better. So when I got whiff of Paneer, an actual cheese bar in Budapest, I couldn’t resist getting my cheese on whilst there with friends a couple of weeks ago.

The excitement was hardly containable. A whole place dedicated to the good stuff. Just cheese. Cheese cheese cheese.

We rocked up at Paneerย with high expectations of filling our boots with so much cheese that we wanted to vomit. And wine, of course.


However, what we were presented with was a menu full of cheddar, haloumi and emmental, with the most adventurous of the cheeses being camembert. Oh, and no wine.

Now, I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy my selection of deep-fried cheese with a side of cheesy chips and a beer. But well, when I go to a cheese bar I expect salty blue and over-ripe brie and a good ol’ Pont L’Eveque to make my little nose hairs stand on end. Give me the worst you’ve got, ten times over, with a glass of red that has been matched with it perfectly.



So in short, if you’re not a fan of the hard stuff, but can’t handle leaving the cheddar behind when you get on the road, don’t miss Paneer in Budapest.

However, if you’re a cheese snob who would bathe in the stuff if they could, who knows what wine goes with a Cornish Blue and won’t settle for anything else, don’t bother. There is nothing finer than fine cheese, and unfortunately, Paneer does not deliver.