Sightseeing trips can be fun for people who adore seeing the sights. For people who aren’t sure or who are being dragged along with their SO’s, friends or family, it might not exactly be the trip of a lifetime. Whatever category you fall into, here are some tips that can help you to make a toursity holiday even more incredible.


Only See The Sites You Definitely Want To See

Don’t feel like you have to see every single thing there is to see in the country or city you’re visiting. Only see the sites you genuinely want to see. You should never feel obligated just because other people or a guidebook say you should. If something doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t bother. It’s okay to be templed-out in India and over ruins in Greece, it’s understandable if you get churched-fatigued in Italy and turned off by monuments in America – go have yourself some tapas and a beer instead. No judgement here.

Make Sure Your Itinerary Makes Sense

By making sure your itinerary makes as much sense as possible, you’ll be able to save time and enjoy your trip better. For instance, seeing sites that are close by on one trip, and others on another day. You don’t want to have to go backwards and forwards the whole time trying to get everything in. Do your research and know where everything is! Making an itinerary is not a skill I possess, but read this post by Triphobo on how to make one successfully.

Keep A Little Free Time

It’s important to have some down time on any trip, especially one that is filled with information from open-top buses and museums. Sometimes it’s just nice to explore your surroundings with no rules or itinerary. You might even find another site you want to see that you wouldn’t have found on the internet. Don’t pack your trip with so many sights that you’re more focused on that than enjoying yourself.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes sounds boring but it’s so important when you’re sightseeing. Your shoes should be worn in and nice to walk in. Don’t ever wear new shoes, even if they are pumps or trainers. They can still rub your feet and make you too hot! Wear shoes you’ve worn before so you know exactly what to expect. Take it from someone who once had to hike down and up the Grand Canyon in new Converse because my luggage got lost in the matrix of airports – blisters are no small matter!

Speak To Locals

Speaking to locals will mean you learn way more about the area and what there is to see and do. Don’t be afraid of them. Most of them are lovely and more than willing to show you the real version of their home. Whether you’re travelling to NYC from Chicago or to Bali from Thailand, the locals will open your eyes. Learn a few phrases if they speak a foreign language and they’ll appreciate your efforts.

Book With A Tour Company

Instead of booking everything yourself, why not book with a tour company? It’ll cost you a little more, but they’ll put your trip together in the most enjoyable and simple format possible, as well as being armed with all of the information of every street, spot and attraction you’ll see. They’ll also know the best places to eat and drink along the way, so you know you’ll be getting the best grub in town. It’ll take all of the work out of it for you so all you need to do is enjoy it!