TER’s Essential Autumn Kit List

October 19, 2016 0 Comments

I am a girl that is made for summer – give me 40C and beaches, jumping into warm seas and sitting in beer gardens with friends over a wet and windy winter any day. But this year I feel like I’ve had an extended summer – from the decking in my wonderful south-facing garden being a sun trap worthy of bikini-clad lunches from March through to now, and hopping to Greece for one last ditch at getting a rocking tan in September – it’s been endless, beatiful and fun, but I am ready for cosiness.

I am ready for nights huddled up by the fire drinking maple tea, sofas in pubs and taking half an hour to take off the layers when arriving at anyone’s home. I am ready for cheese, wine and dinner party season to begin and autumn colours to dye my view from green to orange.

Autumn, glorious autumn. It’s all about burying our faces in scarves and wrapping our hands around steaming mugs of hot chocolate, stealing the last of the warm sunshine and enjoying time outdoors before the British rain sets in until further notice.

Autumn adventures must be equipped with wooly jumpers and cosy hats; so here’s my essential autumn kit list, a pick of warm goodies and cable-knits to keep the frostiness at bay.


1. Elowen Waffle Jumper, Finisterre – Warm, bright, made in Cornwall and laced with my favourite merino wool to make sure even the coldest of days spent beach-walking will be bearable. I’d wear this in a size at least two sizes too big for me – oversized jumpers FTW.

2. Tiller Coat, SeaSalt – The second Cornish brand to make it to the list, SeaSalt’s Tiller Coat is waterproof, windproof and lined with soft sherpa fleece made especially for keeping any weather at bay. It takes the best of retro design and mixes it with awesome fabrics. I’ll have one please.

3. Thunder Brown Biker Boot, Rocketdog – I spotted these beauties in a shop when looking for new shoes for my other half, and haven’t been able to take my mind off them since. Just look at them. Perfect for soggy walks about town, cliff stomps and rambles to the pub.

4. Kaycee Beanie, Neff – Grey, glorious grey. I’m totally in love with this gorgeous, thick-knitted beanie from Neff.

5. Jacquard Blanket-Scarf, Zara – I can’t get enough of blanket scarves – huge swathes of gorgeous material wrapped around my neck, shoulders or body in just about any situation. I take them on planes as blankets, to the beach as towels and of course, to mountains as scarves.