Places to Stay: Dihan Evasion, Brittany

October 31, 2016 4 Comments

Swaying tree-houses buried deep in autumnal Brittany, fairy-tale hideaways and Scandi smoking-huts for cosy winter nights. Dihan Evasion is as romantic and tranquil as glamping gets.


We arrived at Dihan Evasion in the settling light only found in autumn, and wandered across a field dotted with yurts and inhabited by horses happily munching on mist-sparkled grass. There’s idyllic, and then there’s idyllic.

A stroll across the meadow and dip into woodland leads you to two tree-houses built so high up in the trees, a harness is required to reach the top. Our accommodation for the night was hidden a little deeper in the woods, camouflaged against the trees with exceptional ease.


We were staying in one of two Love Nests, a gorgeous wooden sphere suspended between trees, bobbing with the wind and swaying with every bed-roll. A warm ball of gorgeousness hanging in the woods, with portholes peering out on dip-dyed sunsets and a giant, cloud-like bed inside.




With a heater, candles and blankets galore, we were set up for a night under a clear roof for star-gazing and storm watching, and after cooking up a storm of BBQd veggies and sausages at the site’s kitchen, we settled into our nest for the night.

To me, the sound of rain pounding on a roof I’m snoozing under is akin to lullabies and babies in nursery rhymes, with this in mind, we were blessed with a tree-rattling thunderstorm at 2am. We couldn’t have ordered better tree house weather if we tried!

Mornings at Dihan are as chill as mornings on holiday should be – at 9am, a basket laden with hot tea or coffee, fresh bread, croissants and jam are delivered to your treetop hideaway by way of a pulley-system, meaning you don’t even need to pull on your shoes to eat and breakfast in bed is encouraged.


We picnicked lazily through the morning in our nest, bobbing in the wind and sipping on herbal tea before moseying around the forever fairytale wonderland that is Dihan.

From Mongolian yurts to real Romany Gypsy caravans, smoking-houses from the heart of frigid Scandinavia to a whimsical, higgledy-piggledy house straight out of a Tim Burton movie. At Dihan there is a refuge for every family, couple and group of friends looking for a unique stay and a place to cut off from the real world in the most wonderful & natural environment.





Prices begin at €70 per night and range up to €160, depending on accommodation. Added extras, from the use of the spa (€12 – €100), dinner or snacks delivered to your treehouse/love nest/yurt (€12 – €32) and activities such as SUP, bike hire and kite surfing (€12 – €300) can all be booked on arrival.

Book your stay online at: www.dihan-evasion.org


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    Julie Dalforf

    November 1, 2016

    Reading your blogs is like having a mini break. What a charmed life you lead. This looks like a wonderful place.

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      November 1, 2016

      It really was beautiful <3 and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves! x

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    Myriam LE MASLE

    November 3, 2016

    Such a pleasure to welcome Lauren and her lover in DIHAN! We’re looking forward to discover other unusual places thanks to The Enjoyable Rut!

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    November 14, 2016

    And of course at Dihan, you can even camp out in the treetops for an unparalleled glamping experience.