Yurts for Life, Devon

November 7, 2016 0 Comments

At the beginning of last month, I was invited to a beautiful event on the outskirts of Totnes. All yurts and food and fires to snuggle around. It was an absolutely gorgeous way to spend a mid-week afternoon when I should have been plugging away at deadlines.

The event was hosted by Sacha from Yurts for Life, and ran along the theme of “It’s not a Wedding,” but with speeches and cake and fabulous food to boot, you really did have to keep reminding yourself that it wasn’t a wedding!


So, who are Yurts for Life?

Yurts for Life are a Devon based company, just around the corner from my lovely little corner of the county, who lovingly build and supply yurts for events, to put up in your garden or as beautiful yoga spaces. All of their yurts are built from locally sourced ash and built on site by their own craftsmen.



The Event

The little party in the secret, walled garden was set up to show people just how yurts can be used and there were different sizes set up – from a huge one where we all sat and ate, to a tiny photo-booth and a snug, medium-sized bedroom with a double bed and a thawing wood-burner in the corner.



The yurts themselves are beautifully and adoringly crafted by a special team, and although steaming the local and sustainably sourced wood takes a while, the outcome is plenty of headroom and a stunning space that can be used throughout the year.

Yurts for Life also work with a variety of suppliers, meaning that whatever statement you want to make with your yurt, you’ll get it styled to your exact wants and needs; from boho, bedouin warmth to bright, Spanish chic.

Want one?

Thinking of hiring a sustainably sound, gorgeous yurt for your event? Want to buy one for the bottom of the garden to rent on Airbnb? Enquire here to find out more.