Why You Should Visit Thailand

January 4, 2017 0 Comments

Choosing somewhere to travel isn’t always easy, and with low budgets and limited holiday days, packing up and going somewhere anytime the mood takes us isn’t always possible. This means that a destination needs to give you the best possible experience and bang for your buck. Maybe you want adrenaline, maybe you want mountains, maybe you just want to lie next to a pool and have the cocktails flow to your mouth without so much as a click of the fingers.

It’s a big old world with so much choice it’s not always easy to make a decision on where to spend that well earned cash and well needed vacay time. But if you’re looking for somewhere that can give you the full package then look no further than the jewel in the crown of Southeast Asia: Thailand. Here are just a few reasons that this gorgeous country should be the next place that you visit.

The Food


Food, glorious food! Now, you might think you know Thai food. You might even think that you like it. But you haven’t experienced the true culinary delights of the country until you’ve visited one of its hundreds of roadside stalls. Thai food has a well-founded reputation for heat, which is definitely on display. But whether you’re squeamish at the thought of spices, or you’re a true glutton for punishment, the main draw will undoubtedly be the rich, complex flavours that Thailand’s cuisine has to offer.

The Nightlife


To say that the cities of Thailand are different at night would be a serious understatement. When the sun goes down, many of Thailand’s major cities transform almost entirely. Quiet streets come to life with music and people, bars and shops overflow with cocktails, and there is more to do than you could imagine. For the true hedonist, this side of Thailand, especially the Bangkok nightlife, could well be their idea of paradise!

The National Parks


Now, let’s say you’re less of a party animal and are looking for something a little more relaxed. Well don’t worry, Thailand’s got you covered. Thailand’s national parks are some of the most beautiful and diverse in all of Asia, each being filled with a whole array of exotic creatures including sun bears, leopards, deer, and gibbons to name just a few! For those who want to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature, there’s nothing like taking a tour of one of Thailand’s many parks.

The Temples


For those looking to explore some of Thailand’s rich history and culture, the country is filled with temples and monuments to explore. With gorgeous architecture and a vibrant, living culture around them, you will always find something interesting to see at one of Thailand’s many sacred sites. Not to mention the incredible amount of Buddhas located around the country, from the small and simple to the imposing and enormous.