Adventuring in the Lake District: Start Off Smart by Staying in Hostels

February 13, 2017 0 Comments

On The Enjoyable Rut, there’s a whole page dedicated to the majestic Great Britain. But although filled with many wonders, in reality the UK is not among the cheapest places you could visit.

If you love photography and outdoor adventures, then England’s Lake District is a perfect destination. Filled with panoramic views that the Telegraph described as Britain’s finest countryside sceneries, it’s the ultimate getaway for trekkers and hikers who enjoy exploring the best that nature has to offer.


A crucial part of traveling, however, is finding accommodation. In the UK though, prices can be high, so a popular alternative for accommodation is staying in hostels, due mainly to their cost-efficiency compared to hotels. Thought Catalog mentioned that the rates can be cheaper by as much as five times less, and many hostels have several of the same amenities as hotels such as Wi-Fi, safety deposit boxes, and more, giving you similar value for less money.

Start your adventure in the Lake District by saving in accommodation expenses through staying in the area’s numerous hostels. Many of them are included in the YHA of England and Wales, which means that the quality of service are no less than the hostels’ more expensive counterparts.


Black Sail (Ennerdale)

This converted hut at the foot of a mountain was listed by The Guardian as among the 5 best youth hostels in the UK. It’s remote location is accessible only by foot, which may be a deal maker/breaker depending on the person, but are guaranteed some of the most breathtaking mountain views in the country. A Family Day Out remarked how photos fail to show how stunning the location is until you see it in person.

Perhaps that’s the reason why Black Sail is popular even though it is fairly isolated. Rates start at only £18 per night for your own bunk space, so you can allot the money you’ll be saving to more worthwhile experiences.

Grasmere Butharlyp Howe (Grasmere)

The Grasmere Butharlyp Howe is another converted old structure, which is a former Victorian mansion that has been turned into an accommodation hotspot for vacationers in Lakeland. Lonely Planet highlighted its vicinity to Grasmere Village and Grasmere Lake which are, respectively, only 10 and 15 minutes away by foot from the hostel. The latter is surrounded by trails and paths open to all sorts of adventurers.

Rates here begin at around £10 per night. There’s also a restaurant as well as an open kitchen if you want to cook your own meals.

Elterwater Hostel (Langdale)

Given the love Elterwater Hostel receives via positive reviews through traveler resource sites like Trip Advisor, it’s certainly worthy to be among the best options for accommodation. Its most attractive factor is its location, right at the heart of the Lake District, surrounded by the fells of Langdale Valley and several spots for outdoor activities such as cycling, climbing and trekking.

Rates are around £20 per night. With 40 beds spread across different rooms, you can be sure to meet lots of like-minded adventurers here.


Some Reminders for Non-British Travellers

The UK has been experiencing a tourism boom and last Christmas, the country saw an increase in booked inbound flights and accommodation reservations compared to previous years, according to the Express. As such, it’s advised to plan your trip with additional factors in mind. For instance, you may want to check the local rush hour periods, as these may be different from your home country and can affect your overall travel time towards the Lake District.

London’s international airports, England’s main entry points, are also among the busiest in the world. Allot more time if you need to get somewhere at a specific time. When commuting to and from the airport, public buses or trains are on set schedules, hence, the possibility of time constraints and delays are higher than other more flexible means of transportation.

To counter this, you may want to consider hiring a car. Given the numerous car rental companies in the city, there are now many suitable and affordable choices for travelers. Car parks are also situated near airport terminals such as one in between Gatwick Airport’s terminals which Parking4Less mentioned as having a Park Mark Award mainly due to the convenience it brings to passengers. Such locations allow for passengers to easily pick up or return a hired vehicle, without the extra hassle of taking some time to get to the boarding gates.

To close things off, many hostels have common areas which will allow you to interact with other travelers and gain new friends during your stay. Do you have anymore recommendations to add to this list? If so, share them below in our comments section.