Making Your Camping Trip More Fun

March 1, 2017 0 Comments

There’s nothing quite like spending time in nature, breathing in fresh air, taking in the sights of nature and the animal world and relaxing around a campfire in the evening to blow the cobwebs away.


Camping trips are a great way to take a break when you want to get away from it all for a while. However, if you aren’t adequately prepared for your camping trip, it’s more likely to be boring, uncomfortable and disappointing than a rejuvenating getaway. Here are some tips to ensure your camping trip is of the fun, comfy variety rather than the dull, uninspiring one:

Pack Properly

You need more than tents and standard camping gear (sleeping bags and cooking pans) if you want to have a truly great camping experience. You need to bring along plenty of water, lots of good food and snacks, a map and compass, guide books and, perhaps most importantly after the tents and sleeping bags, the right clothes for the trip. Waterproofs, hiking boots and lots of layers will see you right in most circumstances.


If you’re the type, who’d like an extra level of comfort when camping, switching up your tent for a trailer or RV might be a good idea. RV’s are like little homes on wheels – they’ll protect you from the elements and give you an extra feeling of safety.

If you’re more traditional, but you don’t want to spend ages putting up a tent for the family, you might want to consider an instant cabin, or easy-to-put-up tent, like this one at

Research the Area

If you can, try to research the area you will be camping in before you go. That way, you can identify some of the best beauty spots and landmarks, plan your route and write any directions, so you don’t get lost. Of course, you should still pack your maps, torch, compass and a mobile phone just in case!

Bring Entertainment

Although there’s nothing that will entertain you more than the majesty of nature and time spent hiking and talking stories around the campfire with your friends and family, you can’t, unfortunately, do that all the time. Be sure to pack books, iPods, a pack of cards, a football and anything else that will keep you entertained in down time.

Solar Lights

If you have any room left in your pack, you might want to think about bringing along some solar powered lights like these. They’re good for the environment, and they’ll provide you with all the illumination you need to read, cook and play when it gets dark. They can be useful in an emergency situation too.

Bug Repellent

If you’re going to a mosquito-heavy area, don’t forget to pack your repellent of choice because there is nothing that can put a dampener on a camping trip more than the constant itching caused by mosquito bites. I’ve learned the hard way! You can also buy antihistamine cream which is a blessing if you do get bitten!

Be Safe

If you are careful and you respect the land, it is unlikely that you will come to any harm, but when you’re taking a camping trip, you should always prepare for the worst possible scenario, which means packing a comprehensive first aid kit, equipment to protect your from the elements and anything else that could be of use in an emergency.