3 Urban Adventures In Australia

March 6, 2017 0 Comments

Australia is a wonderful country and it’s waiting for you to experience all it has to offer! From road trips and giant rocks, white-sand beaches and local bars, Straya has it all.

But if you’re not the walkabouts-bushfood-and-big-scary-spiders-type don’t worry (neither am I)! Australia has some of the finest urban attractions in the world, so why not ditch the hiking boots and tent and treat yourself to a more refined Aussie experience? There’s an urban adventure in Australia for everyone!



With a population of over 4 million, you’d expect Sydney to have a lot going on, and you’d be right! You can just about do anything in the city, as long as you can find your way about. Get yourself a decent map app to save you some stress (and time) and explore this urban wonder!

But like any major city, there are somethings that you just cannot miss out on, and Sydney has the creme de la creme of tourist hot-spots. First of all, head to Sydney Opera House (obv), built in the 1960s, this marvel of modern architecture is definitely worth a visit. Take a tour and find out how the design works to make the acoustics of the building. Or if you are feeling super flush, catch a performance there.

While you are in the harbour, head to the bridge which is 134m high. You can walk or drive over it for some amazing views. If you are feeling adventurous after all, why not take of their specialised climbing tours and get an even better view from the top?



Another place you can’t miss in Australia is Perth. Located on the West Coast, it’s a smaller city than Sydney,  but has an identity like no other city on earth.

Perth is a clean, modern city, that is lives around the outdoors. Alfresco living is king here, and whether you’re in the city or at the beach, you’ll dine, drink, socialise and party under either the sun or stars.

Whether you’re a beach bum and want to spend your days in Perth swimming, surfing, or chilling on the sandy beaches, Or a culture addict ready to soak up the galleries, museums, and restaurants, there’s something for everyone in this coastal city.

Remember though you’ll need some transport to get around on your city jaunts and for any excursions outside of time, so rent a small, fuel efficient car suitable for urban driving.



Somewhere that you really don’t want to miss is that fanatic town of Broome, also located in Western Australia. It’s a quirky little place that sprung up around the pearl fishing industry in the 19th century.

Of course, the biggest draw for visiting Broome is the natural Staircase To The Moon, a time when you can sit on the beach at night, munching on food from the night market, while nature puts on one of it’s most fabulous shows.

At sunset, for a few moments, it seems as though there are stairs leading up to the big bright shining moon. Did someone say, “stairway to heaven,”?