Experience New York Through Food

April 20, 2017 0 Comments

They say you haven’t experienced New York until you’ve eaten there. New York is the home of many amazing dishes, diners, and restaurants. You certainly won’t run out of places to eat, new foods to try, or ways to enjoy what you eat. There are so many choices!


Street vendors are everywhere in New York. There are carts outside all the big business districts as well as the popular hangouts and tourist hotspots. Are there any advantages to eating out on the street? Well, yes. It means you can eat on the go and not skip a meal when you’re in a hurry to get to the next iconic landmark! You haven’t been to New York if you haven’t got a stain on your favourite jacket from that oozy burger or yummy hotdog. There are plenty of different foods you can buy from a street cart. So go ahead and try something with everything on.

World famous diners like the Pearl Diner and the Square Diner have become New York icons. Beyond the food and coffee, the architecture and style of the premises are very appealing. These family-run businesses have managed to stay almost untouched since the middle of the twentieth century. This means that thousands of New York natives remember meals here as kids, and bring their own kids to eat. It certainly gives the places an atmosphere and a vibe that is unrivalled. Some people travel to the US just for the food! Don’t forget to check if you’re eligible for a visa to visit at The experience alone is worth the flight!


Going to the game? You’ve got to pick up one of those giant cartons of popcorn, a huge tub of fizzy drink, and grab a hot dog from the guy that wanders the seats with his tray. The experience of New York’s sporting venues is one that will stay with you forever if you weren’t brought up with this culture. They’re great fun and full of entertainment. They’re good for family groups as well as the lonely traveller. You’ll find plenty of ‘junk’ food to enjoy – leave the guilt at the gate!

Time Out declared that Bread was the most-loved place to eat in New York. This is an upmarket cafe style restaurant that specialises in the food we love the most in New York. Paninis, Italian sandwiches and French Toast attract thousands of diners here every month. It’s special brand of hospitality isn’t pretentious, and attracts as many for breakfast and brunch as any other meal.

New Yorkers love their coffee, and the Coffee Project New York doesn’t disappoint. This East Village cafe won’t let you down when it comes to choice! The atmosphere is busy but clearly the place for a quick break. The service is friendly and efficient. Perhaps best of all is the location. Even if you aren’t in this part of town, it’s not too challenging to pop over when you want to meet up with friends. Where do you hang out in New York? Is the food good there?