The Enjoyable Rut bore out of the summer of 2012 – when there was always an excuse to be sociable, to be exhausted for the 6.30am wake up call on a school day and to not get that early night we constantly promised ourselves because someone sent a message saying they’re on the beach/in the pub/having a BBQ. The Enjoyable Rut was born because we just couldn’t stop having fun with the best people in the whole world. We were stuck in a rut of fun.

I’m Lauren, Loz, Noise – whatever. I’m a 26ย year old, rum drinking and adventure seeking journo grad who’s quit the corporate job, jacked in the standard career and head out into the big bad world to discover a life of wonder.

I’m a freelance journalist, a copywriter and self confessed tea and cake addict.


This blog, it’s name and TER ethos are all inspired by the wonderful people who saturate this life with an amazing enthusiasm for living and unrelenting ability to see everything this wondrous world has to offer. Although mostly written by one author, Lauren, the Royal We referred to around the site and on social accounts refers to these people. The ones who nurture, build and support The Rut for all that it is. The ones who come along for the ride, inspire journeys and jump on planes, trains and questionable boats all in the name of adventure.

Almost every trip, misadventure and experience documented on this blog is shared with at least one inspiring human being, who without, TER would not be possible. An eternal pulsating beat of love comes from this little slice of the internet to these people, every single day.

An adventure is never too far away.

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